Posted by: Brian | January 3, 2010

50 knots will do it…

This was sort of expected: no flying today due to winds of 35 knots and gusts up to 50 knots.  I don’t think that there are too many student pilots out there today.  On a positive note, it gives me time to study the Pre-Flight checklist, which I will be doing on my own the next time, with Matt’s supervision.  He said that after the next time, I will be doing it myself, while he waits in the warm office.  🙂  Additionally, it allows me time to study the Cessna 172’s airspeeds for normal operations, airspeed limitations (Va, Vne, Vs, Vso, etc), airspeed indicator markings and powerplant limitations.  I need to start putting this to memory.  Some of it I know, much of it I still need to work on.  I should have a better understanding by the next session, however.

I should have my Sticky Mount tomorrow for my camera, as well as my audio cables for my headset, so I hopefully I will have some podcasts to post this week from the cockpit.

~ Brian



  1. The positive side of your canceled flight is no birds shall perish today. That’s awesome your flying B, nice hobby…

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