Posted by: Brian | February 6, 2010

White Out Conditions…

Water.  Check.  Food.  Check.  Shovel and Salt.  Check.  Paid Heating Bill.  Check.

As I am sure you are aware, this small issue called “the worst blizzard Washington D.C. has ever seen” is currently hovering overhead.  It started snowing yesterday around 10am, and I don’t think it has stopped ever since.  Just ask my little brother who is constantly shoveling our sidewalk.  🙂

A 100,000 Foot Overview...

Needless to say, everything in this region has come to a standstill (minus those who think they attended a defensive driving course and are good to drive in over a foot of snow).  I was supposed to start my 4th week of ground school today, but it was canceled.  My flight today was cancelled.  That will make, let’s see, hold on, still counting, an eternity since I last flew.  Maybe next week?  Not with another 3-6 inches expected by mid next week.  At this rate, I don’t even know if I will get out of my driveway by mid next week, let alone be able to fly.

I figured that I would take full advantage of this time, as I have been, to continue my studying.  In addition to my flight training and in classroom ground school, I am attending the online Cessna Flight Training program, which is extremely interactive.  Watching Jon King in those videos, you can deduce one thing: he really enjoys his job (very enthusiastic).

A 6-Foot Overview...

In the end, I picked probably the worst time of year to start my flight lessons.  I was told that during this time of year, many of my lessons would be cancelled.  While I did expect a flight or three to get cancelled, I didn’t think that ‘murphy’ would be lurking around every lesson I have scheduled.  At this rate, if I scheduled a lesson for everyday of the week, I’d get to go up once a week.  Maybe…

~ Brian



  1. Oh my god Brian, sorry but this is too funny…

  2. I’m glad you didn’t lose power and could salvage something in terms of training. 30 inches here in Ellicott City. I’m sick of snow already – and more to come in a few days.

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