Posted by: Brian | April 11, 2010

Touch & Go’s and Balked Landings

Today was a good flight.  It’s been two weeks since being up last and it was a great day to go.  The weather was perfect, albeit a bit windy, but I was OK with it.  This lesson was my first away from my normal training area.  We left Freeway Airport and headed due North to Fort Meade – Tipton Airport and did numerous Touch & Go’s, as well as several Balked Landings (i.e., missed approaches or ‘go-arounds’).  Now that we are heading to other airports now, I am starting to realize just how much more there is to learn.  I actually had to bust out my Sectional Chart today.  I had to program Fort Meade’s AWOS (weather) in the backup radio.  I had to deal with pilotage to a new area, although, to be honest, it was much easier.  Once off of Freeway, I just had to head straight to the big black building: NSA (No Such Agency).  The flight was fairly short to Tipton (7-10 minutes), which left me a lot of practice time.  I think I did about 4 landings, and another 4-6 missed approaches.  Something I still really need to work on is to not be so lazy on my feet (rudder work).  I tend to focus on one or two tasks at hand, and forget another.  You truly have to be good at multitasking when it comes to flying.  I will get it…I just need more practice.  Speaking of, I head up again tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the video!

~ Brian

Total Hours:  14.0


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