Posted by: Brian | May 19, 2010

Out of the Loop…

For those who are probably wondering where I went, I just returned from nearly three weeks in Europe.  No, I didn’t give up on my training!  Quite the contrary, I even looked into taking a lesson or two while in Germany, but the restrictions were too great.  They wanted upwards of 180 Euro/hour (about $250) and would not let me fly “left seat” due to “insurance concerns”.  The pilot in command flies left seat.  (PS – if the plane goes down, I think all are injured equally)  I told them that if I am paying $250/hour to fly, that not only did I want to fly left seat, but that they had better do my taxes for me too.  So, no hours logged over the past three weeks or so, but do have a session scheduled for this weekend.  Look for a new video late this coming weekend.

~ Brian



  1. That’s crazy! Glad to hear you’ll be back in the air this weekend!

    I can’t wait to get back up myself, its been about 2 months and at least a few more weeks to go before I can continue.

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