Posted by: Brian | May 31, 2010


Yesterday’s flight was pretty good and straighforward.  We practiced engine-out procedures the entire session.  Basically, I’d takeoff and turn right and the engine would ‘mysteriously’ cut out on me on my downwind leg.  From there, I’d establish my best glide speed of 65 KIAS, trim, cut over to my base and final.  When the runway was made, I dumped full flaps, and if high, performed forward slips to lose altitude without gaining airspeed.  I think I had about 5-6 landings, and 2-3 go-arounds.

Next weekend, we’ll be heading back to Deale, MD, to go over all of our maneuvers, to include stalls, slow flight and ground reference manuevers.  That is to prepare me for  my check-ride the following weekend with another instructor.  After that check-ride, we’ll be staying in the pattern to prepare me for my solo flight, which means pretty much nothing but takeoffs and landings.

All in all, it was a good day. 

~ Brian

Hours Logged: 1.2

Total Hours: 18.8


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