Posted by: Brian | June 12, 2010

Back to Basics…

Despite simply going over old stuff in preparation for my checkride (Friday hopefully), it was a bit of a challenge.  The flight today was far from easy.  My last flight was about two weeks ago and the last time I did any of these maneuvers has been even longer than that.  I must say that it is slowly becoming engrained into my head, however…

We went up and ran over some stalls, slow flight and steep turns.  We added some unusual attitudes today.  Basically, I threw on my ‘foggles’ so that I could only see the instrument panel, put my head in my lap and my instructor put the plane in some, well, unusual attitudes.  Climbing turns, overspeed, too slow, etc.  He told me to look up and it was my job to get us back into straight and level flight.  It is easy to get disoriented and trust your ‘butt’ instead of the instruments.  Taught me a lot…

I will be going up tomorrow around 11am again to run through some of this stuff.  Friday, I hope to do my checkride so that I can focus on finally soloing.  I actually added the cockpit audio to this video clip, so you can hear my mistakes too what we are saying.  Hope you enjoy!

~ Brian

Hours Logged: 1.3

Total Hours: 20.1


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