Posted by: Brian | June 13, 2010

Two grown men, a plane and a bee.

I think that the title kind of sums it up. 

There I am…taxi’ing along, minding my own business, when we notice a bee floating around the cockpit.  As the windows are cracked a bit, my instructor decides to try to get it out.  That bee wasn’t having any of that, so we decided to just leave it alone, figuring if we left it alone, it’d do the same.  However, being that the bee didn’t sign any sort peace agreement, I wasn’t too sure about that decision…turned out that it wasn’t a good one!

Of course (as you will hear in the video) as I am rotating off of Runway 36 over US Route 50, it decides to sneak attack my face.  My instructor grabs the controls, as I try to kill it.  * Note: Funny, I decided to get a different view out of the aircraft this time (left side), so you don’t actually see us acting like 2 year olds, you just hear it. 

Anyhow, I just went up again today to ensure that I am ready for my pre-solo progress check this coming Friday afternoon.  I not only thought that I did fairly well, my instructor told me the same.  I feel like I’m ready.  I’ll be going up with another instructor Friday to ensure that I am ready to prepare to solo.  After Friday, it’ll be nothing but takeoffs and landings.  Actually looking forward to that.  Not sure when it’ll be, but when I do solo, I think I’ll be running through all of my emotions.  My sisters ex-husband told me that when he solo’d, he was laughing as he was taxi’ing about to takeoff.  Not quite sure I’ll be doing that, but who knows…

~ Brian

Hours Logged: 0.9

Total Hours: 21.0



  1. how funny :-)))

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