Posted by: Brian | June 18, 2010

Passed my Pre-Solo Progress Check!

Today I passed my second progress check, which went extremely well.  This check was my pre-solo check.  Now, I can focus on takeoffs and landings, and await a thumbs up from my instructor to go up on my own. 

Today was fairly simple: I filed and we went out to Deale to demostrate some stalls, slow flight and steep turns.  We came back to Freeway Airport and did a couple of takeoffs and landings.  Two things I got to experience today were simulated soft-field takeoffs and power-on stalls while turning.  Soft field takeoffs were pretty interesting: started out with 1o degrees of flaps, elevator nearly full aft, rotation at a slower speed.  Then, you sort of hover above the airstrip and slowly gain altitude, and at 400′, bring the flaps back in.  A different feel over a regular takeoff for sure.  The power-on stall while turning was very interesting as well.  I felt like I was nearly on my back before it stalled. 

My next lesson is in a week and can hardly wait.  I am looking forward to focusing on my next task: soloing!  I had my video and audio up today, however, I didn’t completely slide the lever on the camera, so it never started.  Fail.  There is always the next time…

~ Brian

Hours Logged: 0.8

Total Hours: 21.8


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