Posted by: Brian | July 15, 2010

Flying to NC (EDE) on Saturday…

I have been up a few times since my last posting.  I am still working on trying to solo, but canceled sessions don’t help any.  The weather hasn’t been that great in this area of the past week.  My next lesson is scheduled for tomorrow evening, so I am hoping I can do well enough to kick my instructor out of the cockpit.  Of course, I am saying that now.  Come time for him to exit, I may ask him to stay. 🙂  Nah, I’ll be alright…

I am flying to North Carolina on Saturday with a co-worker of mine who owns his own plane.  We are flying out to pick up some rescued dogs and bring them back to the DC area.  We are flying out of Indian Head (2W5) and into Edenton, NC (EDE).  I hope to get some good video to post of that flight.

~ Brian

Hours: I don’t have my log book in front of me, but I’m sitting between 28-29 hours.



  1. Are you happening to pick up 2 American Bulldogs from the Tri-county Animal Shelter? If not does your friend fly for rescues often? I volunteer at the shelter and am always lookinf for transports. Thanks

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