Posted by: Brian | August 21, 2010

Third Day of Soloing

Well, I’ve solo’d twice more since my initial solo on the 8th of August.  Due to some business travel, I was out of the loop for about two weeks, but felt at ease on Friday afternoon when I got back into the swing of things.  I had a dual flight then solo yesterday, which took me out to Deale, MD with my instructor.  In a nutshell, we flew out, did a few turns then I flew us back.  He wanted to ensure that I was able to find my way out there and my way back alone without prompt.  I did an alright job.  I forgot to switch my radios from Freeway’s frequency to Potomac’s at 1000′, but was quickly reminded and didn’t make the same mistake this morning. 

We flew back to Freeway Airport, did a landing or two with my instructor then three on my own.  Today’s flight was much of the same.  It was a very calm flight, which was nice.  Although, I’d like to get a little more wind in there to practice some more X-wind landings.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back up in the morning for my first solo flight out to Deale (our training area), weather dependent, of course.  If the weather isn’t cooperating for a solo out to Deale, we will do a dual flight to Easton Airport, then if the weather is better after that, I’ll knock out my solo to Deale. 

I feel it is really starting to come together for me now.  After some tower operations, I’ll have a two-hour ground session, followed by a couple of dual X-country sessions, a couple of solo X-countries and then into night operations.  It’s always been fun, but is beginning to become a lot more fun!

Hours logged: 1.4

Total hours: 34.9



  1. What a great view! Good job Brian!

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