Posted by: Brian | August 28, 2010

Local Solo and First Towered Airport

I am moving right along in my training.  On Friday, the weather finally cooperated with me and allowed for a local solo flight to my training area of Deale, MD.  It was uneventful, which is what you strive for when flying.  But beautiful at the same time.

This morning, I trained at my first towered airport, which was interesting.  A lot more structure than the uncontrolled airspace that I am accustomed to.  I learned a ton.  At this point in the training, it’s invaluable to have this video footage to be able to review.  We flew out to Easton, MD, which was about a 20 minute flight over the Chesapeake Bay, near St. Michaels, MD.  We did two touch & go’s and headed back to Freeway Airport.  Had a great time. 

This was from a local solo to my training area.


I have a cross country flight tomorrow to Salisbury, MD, which is about an hour each way.  Moving closer to being done with every flight!

~ Brian

Hours logged: 1.3

Total hours: 37.0


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