Posted by: Brian | August 29, 2010

Cross Country to Salisbury, MD (SBY)

It’s been a busy weekend for me flying-wise, which is a good thing.  I got up at 6am and turned on the Weather Channel just to get a quick snapshot of the weather for the area.  I then called Flight Services to get a weather briefing for my flight planning.  The weather was actually pretty good, minus some haze.  Calm winds, good visibility and no clouds.  Well, ok, there was this ONE cloud on the way back from Salisbury…right in our flight path.  Murphy, I guess.

I constructed my navigational log, figuring True Course, True Airspeed, Magnetic Variation, Magnetic Course, Ground speed, Magnetic Heading, etc.  I tell you, those logs become easier with every one I do.  The first one I did, I felt mildly retarded.  Every other night or so, I plan a route to somewhere I feel like going and then construct the log.  It comes much easier for me now.

I got in to the airport just before 8am EST, did my pre-flight on the airplane and went over my navigation log with my instructor.  It was pretty much on target with my numbers.  One thing I failed to do was write in the navigational aid (VOR) for the return from SBY.  Lesson learned.  The flight out was very smooth, just a bit hazy.  Landed with no issues, back-taxi’d and took back off for Freeway Airport.  It took about 38 minutes to get to SBY and about 45 back.

My next flight is to Cape May, NJ.  Looking forward to it!  I am flying to Seattle next weekend to attend my sisters wedding, but will try to get that Cape May flight in prior to.  If not, I won’t be able to do it until after the 12th of September. 

~ Brian

* Note: I set the camera for this video to show out of the right side of the plane.  Just a little different view…

Hours logged: 2.0

Total Hours: 39.0


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