Posted by: Brian | October 14, 2010

First Night Flight

Yesterday was my first night flight.  I got to the airport around 5pm and started my flight planning for a 6pm-ish flight (we had to wait until it got dark since it was supposed to be a night session).  We were due to fly up to Lancaster, PA, then down to BWI, however, the winds started to pick up pretty good, so we decided to just stay in the pattern.

The requirement for night flight in the syllabus is 10 landings to a full stop [at night, of course].  Last night, we knocked out 7 of those landings.  Sunday I’ll do the other three (landing in Lancaster, BWI and Freeway).  It’ll be just over 150 miles, and should be pretty fun…looking forward to it.

Ok, so I did film last nights flight.  While it is dark, you can see some of the city lights (Washington DC).  The Sunday flight should be pretty sweet with the Baltimore City night life.  Looking forward to it!

~ Brian

Hours Logged:  1.2

Total Hours:  52.3



  1. I guess we can take your word that you were flying at night…not much to see. lol.

    • Yeah, it was dark obviously. You can see some of the city life, though, which is amazing.

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