Posted by: Brian | October 30, 2010

Solo to Ocean City, MD & Easton

Today was my last hours-requirement for my private pilots license!  From here, it’s just practice until my instructor feels comfortable enough to send me to my checkride.  One thing I do have left is the FAA written exam, which shouldn’t be an issue.  I’ve been going through the practice tests on (free) and doing fairly well on them.

The flight took me to Ocean City, MD with one landing, on to Easton Airport (one landing) and finally back to Freeway Airport.  Fairly straight forward and took me about two hours to complete.  Beautiful day to go up (once again).  This time of year with the changing of the leaves makes for a great view (which you are able to see in the video).

~ Brian

Hours today: 2.5

Total hours: 60.6



  1. Brian schatz, sag mal, was ist denn das für ein Gefühl für dich, wenn du da oben ganz alleine im Cockpit sitzt und der Herr der Lüfte bist???

  2. Gemuetlich. 🙂

  3. Next time we get to Germany, I’ll take you up, mom.

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