Posted by: Brian | November 14, 2010

Soft & Short

Last night, I stayed in the pattern alternating between soft and short field landings.  Basically a soft field landing is landing on a, well, soft field.  The technique is a bit different.  What you are trying to avoid on a soft field landing is the ground/grass/mud grabbing on to your tire and slinging the plane.  So you try to come in flat, add a smidge of power in ground effect and lightly come down.  Short field technique is landing on a short field.  My home airport is 2420′ in length, and I was stopping the plane in half that (prior to the mid-field marking), so that was pretty good.  I just need more practice…more reps.  It became easier with each one.

My next flight is a mock-FAA checkride.  Should be interesting.  I will be basically flying the route I’ll be flying on my checkride, so that’s good…

~ Brian

Hours logged: 1.1

Total hours:  64.1



  1. Brian,

    Great videos and blog. Glad to see that you are making progress towards PPL. 🙂

  2. […] you a greater understanding of soft and short fields: Soft and Short Fields Soft Field Landing Real World Video on Soft and Short Landings Click the link below to reveal the English transcript for this episode! View transcript […]

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