Posted by: Brian | February 5, 2011

Up with family and friends

So this is a bit late, but better late than never.  A couple of weekends ago, I took a family friend, Amy and my cousin Tyler up.  He’s a Marine, but I can forgive him for that :).  The plan was to fly over to Easton, MD and have breakfast, but the weather wasn’t playing nice, so I took them over near the Chesapeake Bay to Deale, MD and showed them around.  Amy had her camera glued to her face and Tyler was attached to the “Oh sh*t” handles.  Ok, so maybe he only grabbed them once or twice 🙂

I was wanting to go fly this weekend, but between the weather and being sick, I’ll have to wait.  There’s always next weekend…

~ Brian

Hours: 0.9



  1. Was Amy up front? And what’s that noise that sound like a playing card in the bicycle spokes?

  2. Yes, it was Amy. And it WAS a playing card in the spokes of the plane! 🙂

  3. To answer your question Bob…yes, Amy was in the front. I recognoze the telltaile “Pearson” trademark nose on my son as he is grabbing for the Oh Sh*t handle…lol
    Wonder how “O-Rah” he was feeling this flight.
    Thanks Brian for making him feel at home 🙂

  4. B-Ryan I would love to take a flight with you.

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