Posted by: Brian | February 20, 2011

Flight to Cambridge, MD

The weather hasn’t been to pilot-friendly as of late, so I was quick to take advantage of the break in high winds that hit the East Coast.  Just last night, 50-60 knot winds were pounding the area.  I filed my flight plan around 7am, and a buddy (Mike) met me at Freeway Airport this morning just before 8am.  I knocked out the pre-flight, filled up the plane and started the taxi.  I did my run-up and noticed that the map wasn’t showing the course line to Cambridge, MD.  I spent about five minutes trying to figure it out (in one year of training, I NEVER had that happen).  At that point, I hear Mike say, “so, did you stay in a Holiday Inn Express?”  I got a good laugh…at my expense.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with that line, it’s a Holiday Inn Express commercial…pretty funny.

Anyway, I got the map issue sorted and off we were.  The winds were sitting around 5-10 knots…not too bad.  We got up to 2000′ and exited the Paleo Gate VFR direct to Cambridge, MD (CGE), about a 20 minute flight.  Being that it was a nice morning, there were quite a few planes in the pattern at CGE.  We hopped in the pattern, did a couple of landings (to include one Touch and Go) and departed to Easton.  Being that I had to be back no later than 10am (a student needed the plane), we overflew Easton, headed back across the Chesapeake Bay, over Annapolis and into Freeway Airport.

All in all, I was able to get three crosswind landings.  Hopefully the weather is decent next weekend for a short flight before a business trip!

~ Brian

Hours logged (Day): 1.3

Total Hours: 72.9


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