Posted by: Brian | May 7, 2011

Cambridge for Breakfast

It’s been awhile since my last post and nearly a month since my last flight.  I had some family in town (step-father and brother) and decided to take them to Cambridge one morning for the proverbial $100 hamburger.  But I must say, we neither had a hamburger, nor did it cost $100.  We had breakfast and the cost was a bit more than that!  It was a lot of fun though – departed Freeway Airport around 930am and flew across the Chesapeake Bay direct to Cambridge.  Luckily, there was plenty of room to tie down the plane – I heard it can get fairly crowded there on nice days.  As we were leaving and I was doing my pre-flight, I see a blimb…yes, a blimp, on short final.  The cables drop over the runway, then all of a sudden, they retract and it takes back off.  On the way back, we flew back to Freeway via Easton (ESN) and was able to see the blimp again out near the Bay.  Pretty cool sight on a beautiful day…

Speaking of nice days, it was really nice, just a TAD windy.  Story of this year, really.  It’s either beautiful and windy or just plain crap weather.  This day we dealt with a little wind, which was ok.  Just meant a bit more power and coming in a bit higher on short final.  All in all, it was a great day to fly, and an added bonus when you can do it with family and friends.

I should be going up with a buddy on Monday evening for a nice night flight out of Gaithersburg, MD.    It’s a flight we have been trying to get in for about two months now.  Again, either the weather doesn’t play along or our schedules won’t.  But Monday night is looking pretty good with light NW winds at 5-10 knots.  If you have time, check out his blog over at  Hope to have some good footage after that flight!

~ Brian

PS – There is no audio for the first part of the video.  I think *someone* had their hand over the mic (ahem, Kevin, cough!)


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