Posted by: Brian | May 14, 2011

X-wind at Fort Meade (FME)

I decided to take a 1/2 day off from work this past Tuesday and take advantage of the beautiful weather in the area.  I wanted to fly on Saturday but the weekend wasn’t looking too good.  The METAR showed light winds all day + the blue skies = Great day to fly!  It was a little bumpier than expected and that was briefed.  As soon as I left Freeway Airport and got out over the treeline, I experienced some pretty decent up and down drafts.  Luckily, it was only a short 8 minute flight to FME, which is located just north of Freeway.  The closer I got to FME, the bumpier it got.  I entered the pattern, got to short final and saw the windsock alternate from limp to stiff and back to limp…it was fairly gusty.  Really, it was the worst taking off from Rwy 28 and getting out over the treeline.  They really have this tendancy to pull you down into them if you aren’t careful.  I knocked out five landings at FME and decided it was enough before heading back to Freeway Airport.  The video is of one of my landings at FME.  All of my landings were long, due to the additional power needed on short final.  The landing at Freeway was a bit easier, as the winds were nearly straight down the runway.  It was short flight (1.2 hours).

I was reminded today that the AirVenture at OshKosh, WI is 25-31 July.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town for work, but may be able to swing by the event the evening of the 29th and stay the weekend.  I really want to go though!

~ Brian

Hours logged: 1.2



  1. Brian, if you do go to WI, get me some descent pics of the inside of a B-17 and any other WWII aircraft. They usually have the WWII vintage AC at this show.

    Love Dad

  2. You should definitely try to go! I went the whole week last year and will be going the whole week again this year, and man it’s amazing week! So much to see and do. So even if you can only come for a day or so, try to do it, I promise you won’t regret it! Also, I know of a bacon party that will be going on sometime that week!

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