Posted by: Brian | December 16, 2011

Airspeed Junkie

Full disclosure here.  Airspeed Junkie found Runway18 and offered me one of their products in exchange for a review and I was more than happy to oblige!

Airspeed Junkie (ASJ) is a new aviation/pilot supply store out there for those pilots who are “tired of the same old thing”.  If you’re familiar with Sporty’s (which any pilot likely is), MyPilotStore or any of the traditional pilot stores, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you stop by ASJ.  The inspiration of their clothing line (V1) comes from a mix between aviation and motorcycles.  While I personally do not ride motorcycles, I have plenty of friends who do both and would enjoy this deviation from the norm when it comes to aviation/pilot supplies!

ASJ sent me the V1 Skull Prop hat (below).  As you can see by the design on the hat, aviation doesn’t necessarily jump out in your face like the “I AM A PILOT” shirts you can get at other online stores.  My first thought was Orange County Choppers (OCC) or Jesse James and was quickly followed with a, “but wait, are those propellers jumping out of the skull?”.  Nice!  The other thing I like about this hat is that it’s fitted.  Being a hat-guy myself, here are a few comments: they use fitted styles, which I do prefer.  Additionally, they use a lighter material (not like your standard heavy-weight baseball hats).  I personally like them a bit heavier, but the positive (always an optimist) is that it won’t have much of an effect on the airplane’s weight and balance!





What I will say about the company itself is that they are extremely responsive to communication and delivered the product via expedited service.  Having a good product is only half of the battle; having great customer service is the other.  I’ll most definitely being stopping by again soon!

~ Brian


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