Posted by: Brian | August 20, 2012

Short flight for breakfast

It’s been quite a while since my last post – between work, and, well, work…I haven’t had much time to fly.  I have, however, been flying at least every 60 days to remain current at Freeway Airport (W00).  My mother was in town from Germany, so I took her out to Cambridge (CGE) for breakfast, then over to Fort Meade/Tipton (FME) for a couple of landings, before heading back to W00.  Relatively short, easy flight.  I logged 2.1 hours and now have right around 105 total hours.
I started my Instrument rating (IFR) at Lee Annapolis Airport – I made it into Phase 2 of 4 before putting it on hold.  I felt like I was wasting money b/c there was simply too much time between flights (~2-3 weeks).  My work will (should) be slowing a bit over the next few months, and once it does, I’ll pick back up where I left off.

Below is a video of me entering the pattern at Cambridge (left downwind for Runway 16).  Enjoy!

~ Brian



  1. Someone fly to Paris ……..anyone goes to London for breakfast, Chris fly to Cambridge , why Not….:)))????

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